Ar+chaeology is a combination of found object art, urban exploration and historic preservation.

Instead of buying raw materials from a store, some artists use objects they find as a way to conserve

resources and create unique works of art. The key difference between found-object art and

Ar+chaeology lies in the emphasis placed on where the objects were found. Ar+chaeologists

explore abandoned, culturally significant places searching for objects to represent that site.

These artifacts are extracted, cleaned and converted into artwork meant to promote a broader

appreciation of that site. In this respect, Ar+chaeology can be thought of as historic preservation

with artistic license. Especially in cases where the site is facing rapid deterioration via natural

elements or the wrecking ball, Ar+chaeology is the last line of defense- providing new life to

abandoned objects and new meaning to the places they came from.                 -M. GOSSER 2005